Individual Items

New Business Item

Starting at $75 per Service 

* Obtain EIN & Initial IRS Documents 

*Obtain State Documents (each state) 

*Obtain State Sales Tax Permit 


Billed at $75 per hour

(minimum 5 hours) 

Any Version of QuickBooks

Prices are listed for Offsite Cleanup

Onsite Available upon request 

QuickBooks Consulting/Training

Billed at $75 per hour

(minimum 5 hours) 

Any Version of QuickBooks

Prices are listed for less than 5 employees

QuickBooks Set-Up

Starting at $150 for Non-Customized

Starting at $375 for Customized

*Does not include training or data entry* 

Human Resources

Create Business Model & Layout of Accounting: Starting at $250

Create New Employee Packet & Handouts: Starting at $150

Additional HR items available upon request

Consulting Services

Unlimited Phone Consulting: $150/mo

Unlimited Log-in/Coding Support: $200/mo

Bundled: $300/mo 

Tax Return Preparation

Individual Returns

Form 1040 Income Tax Return 

Form 1040EZ Income Tax Return 

Standard Deductions 

Itemized Deductions 

State & Federal Returns 

Tax Credits 

Electronic Filing 

& Much More

Sole Proprietor Business Tax

Form 1040 Schedule C

Simple Profit & Loss 

Simple Balance Sheet

Financial Planning 

& Much More

Business Forms

Quarterly Payroll Reports Form 941

Annual Payroll Reports Form 940

Annual W-2 & W-3 Forms 

Annual Form 1099/1096 

Annual K-1 Forms

& Much More 

Business Returns

Form 1120 US Corporation Income Tax Return 

Form 1120-S US Corporation Income Tax Return for Sub-Chapter S Business 

Form 1065 Return of Partnership Income 

Form 1040 Schedule C 

& Much More 

Dependent Returns

All dependent federal returns are prepared at no charge; and state returns are prepared at discounted rate if parents returns are filed by ABS


All Tax Return Preparation is priced 

by form with no hidden fees! 

Check out our Price List 

on our documents Page! 

Payroll Options

Less Than 10 Employees

$75 per payroll run 

Less Than 25 Employees

 $100 per payroll run  

More Than 26 Employees

Available Upon Request

All Options Include:

Monthly Payroll Tax Payments & Reports

Quarterly Payroll Tax Payments & Reports

Annual Payroll Tax Payments & Reports

Time Tracking

Job Association Tracking

Updated HR Files 

Tracking of  Benefits 

Direct Deposit (if through Accounting System)


Need Payroll Forms?

Check out our Document Page 

and  you just might find it!!! 

If not, contact us and I am sure 

we can get it for you! 

Bookkeeping Packages

New Business Start-Up Package


Starting at $650 (Discount of $250) 

*Obtain EIN Documents 

*Obtain IRS Documents 

*Obtain Sales Tax (Limited to 1) 

*Create & Set up Business Model & 

Layout of Accounting 

*Create & Set up Payroll Documents 

*Create & Set up Simple Version of QuickBooks (non-customized) 

*2-Hours of QuickBooks Training

T1 Basic


Starting at $350/month

*Review all transactions inputted 

from your company

* Prepare Financials: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, & Profit & Loss Statement 

*Analyze and provide feedback of Financials

T2 Basic Plus


 Starting at $550/month 

*All items included in T1 Basic 

*All transactions entered by our office; including deposits & expenses 

(invoices not included)

*Reconciliations of up to 3 accounts 

(IE Bank Accounts & Credit Cards) 

*Estimate Voucher Computations

*In-Person Meetings up to 1 Hour. 

*Unlimited Phone Consultations 

during Business Hours

T3 Essentials


 Starting at $750/month 

*All Items included in 

T1 Basic & T2 Basic Plus 

*Payroll Tax Deposits & Reports 

*Sales Tax Reports

*Up to 3 Customized Reports
of your choosing

T4 Professional


 Starting at $950/month 

 *All items included in 

T1 Basic, T2 Basic Plus, & T3 Essentials 

*Invoicing (up to 10/month) 

*Bill Pay (up to 10/month) 

T5 Professional Plus


 Starting at $1,150/month 

*All Items included in T1 Basic, T2 Basic Plus,

T3 Essentials, & T4 Professional 

*Additional 10 Invoices 

*Additional 10 Bill Pay 

*Class & Locations Tracking 

*2 Additional Customized Reports 

of your choosing

*Unlimited Log-in Tech/Coding Support 

Price Bundles


All Packages have an initial set-up fee with my office of $150 for most new clients.

Some services are subject to additional fees & all Tiers are available for customization.

All Tier plans have payroll option with fees starting at $50 per payroll run.

Tier Plans will be on a price lock for 180 days.

**Price Lock is subject to change if business model changes or business expands**

**Posted Prices are subject to change**